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Dear balloonist,

Before your digital flight experience begins, let us make sure that you know exactly what to do in order to complete the given task succesfuly.

As the task is loaded and the simulator starts watch for the red arrow, it will show you the direction to the little yellow flag on the surface which indicates the drop point for the marker. This is the direction you have to go. As you find yourself above the flag drop the marker (the button is on the task control unit - see the picture).

As you will discover, the direction of the wind changes with height. Find the appropriate altitude for desired direction.

Immediatly as the marker hits the ground, your next task is to fly back to the starting point (between two red flags). You have to land there and press the 'end task' button which shows itself only after the marker has hit the ground, and that is it.

To make the balloon go up you have to heat the air inside - press 'burn'

To make the balloon descend - press 'cool', but be gentle, watch the temperature indicator.

Time for the task is unlimited, but check your propane level, you don't want to find yourself high aloft with no fuel.

Lift force line illustrates ammount of available lift. When line is not visible vertical forces are in equilibrium and the balloon maintains current vertical speed.

Above taks control, click on 'Toggle units' to toggle between US standard and metric.

All your comments and questions please e-mail to: info@balloonsimulator.com

For playing the simulator you need to have latest flash player installed.
Please visit the flash player installation page, follow the instructions and install the latest

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