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01 Old Faithful
Manufacturer   Firefly Balloons
Model   Unknown
Volume in Cft   77000
About   Unknown

02 Racer
Manufacturer   Ultra Magic Balloons
Model   MV-77
Volume in Cft   77000
About   In 1996 Ultramagic made a giant step forward in the world of competition ballooning. The Racer was born. This was the first time that a balloon had been designed, developed and produced especially for the demanding requirements of balloon competition. The goal was to produce a balloon with such a shape so as to perform the maximum rate of ascent and descent whilst avoiding deformation of the envelope, thereby improving the precision on approaching the target. The MV series (The Racer) is now seen as the "bench mark standard " of competition balloons, which all others manufacturers strive to match

03 Fire Fly
Manufacturer   Fire Fly
Model   00
Volume in Cft   77000
About   FireFy Balloons offers a large array of sport hot air balloons. Whether its the 12 Gore Firefly 6B(56,000 cuft),or if you want to move up to the 18 Gore Firefly 8B(90,000 cuft), we can fit the perfect system to your needs. Our exclusive 45 degree, spiral and semi-spiral cuts can make your balloon really stand out in the crowd. Plus, no balloon on the market is easier to assemble and fly!

04 ZL-Racer
Manufacturer   Cameroon Balloons
Model   ZL-70
Volume in Cft   70000
About   The ultimate racing machine - the ZL-Racer is a thoroughbred specifically designed to give you the edge in competition. Based on the proven Z-type, its ultra smooth surface and streamlined profile enhance climb performance and directional stability. If you're looking for a high-performance racer, this is it!

05 Guru Balloon
Manufacturer   Aerostar Balloons
Model   RX8
Volume in Cft   90000
About   2001 Aerostar RX8 envelope flown over a 1993 Thunder and Colt Basket with 1993 T&C MRK III Burners. 2x 15gal fuel cylinders

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