[...almost as good as the real thing]  
  How about some help from You...

Dear balloonist,

It has been 10 years now.

So far, this project has been fueled solely by enthusiasm and further development requires extra effort. The time has come for a hybrid. Enthusiasm + material support may do the trick.

No matter if you are our faithful, long term player (thank you guys!) or you're just occasional visitor, you can help this project just the same. Any amount you choose to donate will help us to move this virtual ballooning further.

Technologies change, social environments  change. This is pre-Facebook, pre-Smart Phone project.

Times have changed, so shall we. We plan to:

  • make a Facebook version of this application
  • make a SmartPhone/Pad application
  • make a full 3D version of the game

Huge plans, lot of work.

Thank you for your donations and for playing!

Tomislav Kristof
Head of Hot Air Balloon Simulator
Design and Programming Team

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